2 Wash away all my iniquity
    and cleanse me from my sin. Psalm 51:2

My alma mater, Moody Bible Institute, has a longstanding tradition with those who get engaged at the college. The fiancee is permitted one “legal” kiss. The tradition that goes along with that kiss goes like this:

all the guys on the dormitory floor surround the fiance, spray inordinate amounts of shaving cream, whipped cream, and other non-hazardous substance that 20 year old guys can find and buy on a limited budget. After the fiancee is covered from head to toe, the fiancee sweeps in with a huge smile on her face and kisses the fiance. And yes, that’s what happened to me months before we got married. It’s a fun way to celebrate the upcoming union.

After it’s all over with, I didn’t stop off and chat with friends, didn’t go to the dining hall to eat, didn’t even go on a date with my fiancee. No, I headed straight for the showers. I was covered from head to toe in who knows what. Even then it wasn’t a straight walk to our dorm. I had to walk across campus, go in the door lobby, wait for the elevator, go up 15 flights, get to my room, pick up a towel and clean clothes, and head for the shower. All the while, people wanted to know who the lucky gal was. So, from the time of the “kiss” until I got into the shower was easily 15 long minutes.

So, why do I tell a silly story about an old, archaic tradition?

The shower.

No more shaving cream or whipped cream or syrup or whatever else the guys sprayed on me that night.

Down the drain.

All of it.

I stepped out of the shower stall 30 minutes later a clean man.

A few years before that I had a similar experience in the spiritual realm. My sins were washed away and I was made a new man spiritually.

It’s the heart of the gospel story. This same gospel story is being told around the world, all day every day.

Even though we’re all different, we have the same fantastic story: our sins were washed away by the Blood of the Lamb, much like the soap and shaving cream of my illustration.

Down the drain.