As Goes Israel, So Goes the World

4 When the kings joined forces,
    when they advanced together,
5 they saw her and were astounded;
    they fled in terror.
6 Trembling seized them there,
    pain like that of a woman in labor.
7 You destroyed them like ships of Tarshish
    shattered by an east wind. Psalm 48:4-7

I read verses like this and smile because it can be so relevant to what we see in the news. In 1967 and in 1973, the Arab world surrounding Israel tried to come against that tiny land and they failed miserably. Why? There really is no logical reason they shouldn’t have wiped Israel off the map. Even today the Muslim world is seen as the victims of Israeli occupation. It defies human logic.

As you’ve probably noticed I a very pro-Israel supporter. I see the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” as more spiritual than physical. Again, there’s no logical reason Israel is still a nation except they they are favored by God.

My wife recently made a curious statement: As goes Israel, so goes the rest of the world.

Is she right? Time will tell.