Heartbeat of God

[people will be] brutal, 2 Timothy 3:2k

Violence has risen in the world in parallel with the rise of anger. When people get away with crimes, they feel the need to continue until someone stops them or pushes back. Anger, then violence, and then more anger. We’re seeing that in Western Europe and in inner cities of the United States. Gang-related violence as been on the rise and will continue to do so until authorities call it for what it is.

I have a friend who lives and works in the inner city of London. By trade he’s an actor and still get small parts when they suit him. He chooses to remain in a very violent section of London preaching the Gospel and transforming lives. I’ve stated here on this site countless times that missions is messy. You get involved with people and they will turn your world upside down. My friend knows the dangers (he grew up in New York City), but remains there because that’s where God wants him.

Perhaps it’s the “scaredy cat” in me, but I look at his situation and wonder why he just doesn’t begin his retirement in a safe, Christian community in Florida or North Carolina. There he could preach and teach and do great ministry. No, that’s not for Kurt. Not at all. He is where the heartbeat of God is. While we cower at the mess the inner cities are, God moves.

Are you where the heartbeat of God is? Am I?

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