He’ll Listen

Then [the King] asked her, “What’s the matter?” 2 Kings 6:28

The king of Israel was passing by and overheard a woman call out to him. He stopped and listened to her. It’s such a simple passage but full of insight, not into earthly kings necessarily, but our Heavenly King.

The King stops what He’s doing to listen to you. The King will always stop to listen to you.

  • When you hurt, He’ll listen.
  • When you feel rejected, He’ll listen.
  • When you want to lash out, He’ll listen.
  • When you just need to murmur or cry, He’ll listen.
  • When you want to laugh and sing for joy, He’ll listen.

The point is that He’ll listen anytime, anywhere. The pain and heartache we experience is often His way of reaching out to us so that we, in turn, will reach out to Him.

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