hospitable, 1 Timothy 3:2f

The man of God churches choose to be their elders should not have an anti-social personality. It doesn’t mean the person needs to be super outgoing either. Being hospitable merely means being able to open up your home or even getting together for coffee or a meal.

It’s probably meant as a reminder that if pastors are to make differences in the lives of their parishioners they need to get to know them as well. Even in today’s world, there are a few who would gladly retreat to their Bible studies for upcoming sermons and ignore the people they are serving.

As we all know the problem of pastoring and doing mission work is people. It would be a lot easier if there weren’t any people involved!


Missions and the pastorate wouldn’t exist either.

Therefore a healthy balance between study and people needs to exist.

Pray for the time your pastor spends on the Word of God and prayer and with other people. Pray that he will not neglect one for the other.

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