Love Protects

7 [love] always protects, 1 Corinthians 13:7

We read a lot in the news these days about the thousands of abused and neglected children, as well as the human trafficking involving children. Where are the parents who should have protected and loved these kids? Some were abducted against their will, but often the parents sold the kids into all kinds of deviant lifestyles. What happened to the natural instinct to protect the innocent? Where did they go astray?

Twenty years ago I got off a subway train in Chicago. I frequently rode home with a church acquaintance. As we walked to the stairs, two men with two K9 German Shepherds approached us. I was closest to the dogs, and for some reason both of them growled as if to strike. Instinctively, my friend got in front of me and pushed me aside so that he would be between me and the dogs.

That’s the kind of protection this verse is describing. Putting yourself into harm’s way to protect someone else. That could also be a metaphor for protecting someone else’s reputation too, speaking up on behalf of others.

Throughout this day, think of ways you have protected others with your love. Whatever it is, do that more often!

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