Songs of Deliverance

Therefore let all the faithful pray to you
    while you may be found;
surely the rising of the mighty waters
    will not reach them.
You are my hiding place;
    you will protect me from trouble
    and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:6-7

What do they sound like, these songs of deliverance? Are they loud? Are they full of intricate harmonies?

We can speculate all day long about how those songs of deliverance really sound.

The story is told of a concert pianist who was set to take the stage when a youngster got loose from his parents and sat down at the piano bench on stage. He played the only song he knew: chopsticks. The audience started to yell at the boy and call for his removal. The concert pianist waiting in the wings heard the commotion, came onto the stage, and got behind the boy. While adding to the boy’s sound with an elaborate enhancement to chopsticks, the concert pianist whispered, “Keep playing, lad, you’re doing great. Keep playing. Don’t worry about what they’re saying. Keep playing.”

What do the songs of deliverance sound like? It could be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for all we know, but if it’s being played by the Master himself, it’s more than enough for the situation.

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No Where to Hide

When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.
For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer.
Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity.
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.”
And you forgave the guilt of my sin.  Psalm 32:3-5

King David is acknowledging the work of the Holy Spirit in his life, as he wrestles with him before confessing sin. David agonized over his sin and the subsequent confession of it.

We don’t know the extent to David’s internal conflicts but they probably weren’t much different than ours. Sure, he was royalty but he faced similar temptations and desires that we have. And like David, we also have a 1001 ways to conceal, justify, and gloss over our sin.

The key element in this is that the Holy Spirit was still convicting David. When we get to a point that we no longer feel the convicting power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, it’s high time to examine our walk with Christ. The fact that he still convicts is a sign of his continued love for us, which in itself awesome.

Keeping our “accounts short” is perhaps the least stressful way of handling sin and the confession of it. He knows our sin anyhow, so why try to hide it?

It really is a good thing if you are being bothered by your conscience over things you’ve said and done.

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Beyond Blessed

Blessed is the one
    whose transgressions are forgiven,
    whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the one
    whose sin the Lord does not count against them
    and in whose spirit is no deceit. Psalm 32:1-2

I’m not sure it’s possible to comprehend how blessed we are that our sins are forgiven and our sins are not counted against us.
I don’t think we fully understand God’s righteous judgment and what that means.
I’m pretty certain we don’t get God’s perfect mercy towards us.

On the other hand, we do understand that we’re sinners at the great mercy of God.
We also know that were it not for the blood of Christ covering those sins, we would be a hopeless wreck.

Read through these verses again and let the truth sink in, then offer praise for what you’ve read, and a prayer for those who don’t understand the significance of these verses just yet.

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Rubbing Off

Be strong and take heart,
    all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

Ever wonder why writers in both Old and New Testament make remarks like this: take heart and be strong?

Yes, it’s to encourage us in our walk with Christ, but the answer is more obvious than that. It’s because we are weak and lose heart easily! The world just constantly beats down upon us and if we’re not really careful, we take on some of those negative and destructive characteristics. We want so much to “rub off” on the world but often the opposite happens.

The challenges we face as Believers are many and often they are great. Fortunately, the God we server is infinitely times greater. Encouraging one another in any way we can should be the norm.

So, be strong. Encourage one another. Fight the good fight. Lift your head towards heaven often. Fight the bulk of your battles on your knees.

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Panic Time?

In my alarm I said,
    “I am cut off from your sight!”
Yet you heard my cry for mercy
    when I called to you for help.
Love the Lord, all his faithful people!
    The Lord preserves those who are true to him,
    but the proud he pays back in full. Psalm 31:22-23

Is it time to panic yet? You know, about world affairs, an economic collapse, wars, rumors of wars, what you’ll eat or drink, clothes you’ll wear, where you’ll live, what kind of car you’ll drive, who you’ll date, etc etc etc?

No. It’s never time to panic, though any of those items listed above could cause us to get worked up.

I’ll say it again. It’s never time to panic. Why? First of all, does it do any good at all? Can you find one benefit of panicking over anything that is not an emergency?

Secondly, if we believe Scripture, God has this world and all its systems and elements under control. Sometimes it’s best to put the weight of the world back on His shoulders. Those are burdens we should never have to bear.

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