Peace is a Good Thing

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. 2 Thessalonians 2:13

Again, we come to the theme and prayer for peace. Now more than ever we need peace. One definition is the absence-of-war kind of peace. That’s good and any time countries can sit down and talk things through, it’s a good peace. I’m referring to the conscience-is-clear, the world-may-crumble-before-my-eyes-but-it’s-okay peace. That’s an inner peace that the world can’t give nor can the world take away.

I say we’re in for hard times and it will come on a number of fronts. Economically, the world is in chaos. One clear example of that is the Stock Market. It’s never fluctuated this wildly. Currencies are devaluing and on the verge of collapse. Look at the banking industry; people are very very worried.

Secondly, as Christians in a once free nation, we’ve had it easy for too long. We’ve enjoyed liberties and luxuries our forefathers only dreamed about. But there is a hostility, too, among non-believers. As economies collapse, watch for the political class to find scapegoats and people to blame. I believe we’ll see persecution in the West on the level that we’ve seen it in Asia and Africa these last 100 years.

But again, we have peace and no one can snatch it from us. Continue to pray for that peace as we enter this upcoming era of uncertainty and heartache.

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  1. Particularly with the stock market, I personally feel that God has allowed many of the places we thought we were finding peace and security to be rattled and crushed, so that we are given a clear opportunity to turned back to Him. He revealed how vulnerable peace is if it comes from the world, and we’ve been given a chance to turn back to our Rock and Refuge.

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