People Absorbed vs. Self-Absorbed

—not overbearing, Titus 1:7b

The next few days we’ll be discussing the characteristics that Paul laid out for Titus, which are applicable for today’s pastor. The first quality is the person should not be overbearing. Other translations say, not arrogant, not self-absorbed, and not bossy. The pastor is a leader. He can’t be arrogant or self-absorbed, which would be the antithesis of what he should be. After all, pastors care for their people so there’s no way they should be self-absorbed. Even as they prepare teachings, it’s all about the parishioner listening and applying the message to their lives.

A few years ago we were visiting a church. The preacher spoke and we went home. I went to the church’s website to find out more information about the church and their beliefs. On every page I clicked on was the pastor’s new book he had written. I believe the subject of the book was worship, but that is irrelevant. In my mind, he did not have the congregant in mind when he chose to hawk his book all over the church website. I know I was turned off by it but what about non-believers who are searching for that church to go to occasionally? It leaves a terrible first impression in my opinion. I may come off as nitpicking or judgmental but it wasn’t my intent. My intention was to merely point out that our actions (selling a book on countless web pages of a church) have consequences (turning away good people).

Pray for your pastor again today. Pray that he will have the mind of Christ in all situations. Ministry is difficult because we are always dealing with messy people. Having the mind of Christ helps us to discern good from evil, right from wrong, and people-focused from self-focused.

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