People Will Be Abusive

[people will be] abusive, 2 Timothy 3:2d

Torn on any sports show and hear how another famous athlete abused his girlfriend or wife. Look at Hollywood and the culture there. Abusive to people who want to get ahead. Lastly look at governments who overlook and condone massively abusive behavior and jail anyone who speaks out against it. Is it getting worse than when this was written? Probably. At least we’re able discover and expose more of it in near real time.

I think it truly grieves God’s heart to see the abuse that continues unabated. We ask, “Why is this happening?” but a better question might be, “What can we do to help stop it?”

We can take actions but it first starts with a willingness to start and follow through with it. It’s not an easy task by any means, and not everyone can do it. A friend of mine is a nurse and she was offered a job at triple what she was now making but it involved day to day contact with abuse victims. She turned it down because she knew how hard it would be on her.

If you know someone who is involved in this kind of work, pray for them and write them a note letting them know that you’re undergirding them in prayer.

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