People will be Disobedient to Their Parents

[people will be] disobedient to their parents 2 Timothy 3:2e

Without God in their lives, children will inevitably lean towards disobedience. Why? It goes back to the previous point of children being lovers of themselves. In other words, children are born selfish. Until it’s corrected, life is about them and always has been. So it stands to reason that they will disobey.

Everyone reading this knows children by name. You also know their ways and methods. For a child to grow into maturity requires adequate discipline and work. And chances are good that if you know these children by name you are already praying for them. This generation growing up will need all the prayer and support they can get. It’s a vastly different world than we grew up in.

Pray specifically that the light of the gospel will penetrate their tiny hearts.

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