People Will Be Rash

[people will be] rash, 2 Timothy 3:4b

People who are rash do not think things over. They are abrupt and reckless. Again I point to what happens at political protests and riots. People destroy things and burn down buildings. Those are not clear thinkers, especially if they have to live in the community when the smoke clear.

Youtube is full of videos where people are completely reckless. Bones get broken and worse.

People also do reckless things in relation to Godly as well. They say they’ll wait until their death bed to get close to God. That’s reckless and dangerous because none of us know when we will pass.

Perhaps you know reckless and rash people. You’ve been praying for this person for a long long time. Your prayers are not in vain. If He’s put this person on your heart for so long, He’s going to resolve the issue. Count on it. Otherwise, why would He put this person on your heart for so long. Continue praying for this person with the knowledge and newfound hope that He will answer your prayers.

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