People Will Be Without Love

[people will be] without love, 2 Timothy 3:2g

There seems to be a lot of vitriol in the public arena these days ever since President Trump took office. It’s been smoldering for years but is boiling over now. Why? Why are people so hateful and spiteful? Where has the love gone? Perhaps the harshness has been there all along and it took someone like blunt Donald Trump to expose it (some would say ’cause it’).

I think this goes back to people being angry. Of course the internet certainly doesn’t help to calm people’s nerves. No, the internet pours fuel on the fire for things like this. Just as a loving kitten vidoeo can go viral, so can a hateful, vindictive tweet.

So then, what’s the solution? The solution, of course, is Jesus Christ. But what if this hatred is coming from Christians? We should know better but we don’t always. Unfortunately we can’t control what others say or do, so we have to live our lives knowing that God can and will deal with hatred in His body. If we can influence these people, then we should.

Staying connected to the Vine is our only hope of not becoming tainted by wrong and sinful attitudes. We have to be refreshed daily by the Holy Spirit, perhaps more often. Otherwise we run the risk of becoming just like them. We’re different; we were bought with a price.

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