Perseverance to Godliness

and to perseverance, godliness; 2 Peter 1:5e

It’s interesting that Peter put godliness before mutual affection and love. As we persevere in our faith and trails, it humbles us. We realize that we are buy tiny specs in the universe. Without a healthy sense of reality about who we are, we can become prideful and conceited, because, after all, look how we’ve so suffered for Christ! It’s how we would naturally think but we all know where that kind of thinking leads.

Instead, when we submit our wills to God, He elevates us as He sees fit, if He sees fit. He knows our weaknesses and frailties. He knows what’s best for our lives even better than we know ourselves. And He knows what we need to remain humble.

That’s how perseverance leads to godliness.

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