Pray for Local Leaders

to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, Titus 3:1b,c

These two parts go along with the first part. They deal with civic duty. If you see something in your community that needs changed, seek to change it through elections – whether it’s you running or someone else. Otherwise, obey the law until it is changed. Of course that does not apply to immoral laws and laws against conscience.

Do you know your town or city officials? Do you know their names? A quick internet search should tell you the mayor, city manager, and city council members. Pray for them. If you feel like you should, send them a quick email letting them know. They get lots of complaints but very few words of encouragement saying prayers. Even hardened sinners recognize the general power of prayer. Very few people would ever turn it down. If they do turn it down, pray anyway. Pray that God would guide their decisions and it would be as a result of looking out for people rather than special interests.

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