The Long Run

and to self-control, perseverance; 2 Peter 1:5d

It’s natural that sustained self-control would lead to perseverance. Anybody who’s battled and conquered an addiction knows this. Especially in the beginning, those first few days of going “cold turkey” is extremely painful. After those first few days and weeks of victory after victory, you are beginning to persevere.

The Christian life has been compared to a marathon. There are ups and downs, pain, hunger, thirst, and weariness. But in the end, marathoners who complete the race are rewarded for running 26 miles. Most of the time, the reward is internal, as in a sense of accomplishment. As the end of our lives here on earth is a reward awaiting us, something that is much more valuable than a sense of accomplishment. The pain and hunger and weariness we experience here is worth it all. Picture in your minds those in heaven rooting and cheering us on, telling us that we only have a little bit left before going home.

Only a little bit more now. Keep at it. It’s worth it. It will be worth it all. Just you wait and see.

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