The Pursuit of Sound Doctrine

You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine. Titus 2:1

Hundreds of thousands of scholars can’t be wrong when it comes to basic Christian doctrine, can they? Of course not. The Bible is the most researched and studied book in history. Even W.C. Fields wanted to search the Bible on his death bed, and as he said, “Looking for loopholes.” Millions of others, however, seek the truth that’s in it. They believe, and rightly so, that the more truth you gain from the Bible, the more you can know God. Unfortunately we’re not able to understand our own motives and actions, and we know ourselves better than anyone. Of course, knowing God is a lifetime pursuit and we’ll never even get a tiny grasp on the nature and ways of God. Even so, He is worth pursuing, because as Michael Card once wrote, “there’s joy in the journey.”

Today’s the day to enjoy the journey. Tomorrow will be too, but today we can pursue God as if there is no tomorrow. Then if tomorrow comes around, we can pursue Him again. Oh, and sound doctrine? Pursue Christ with everything you have and sound doctrine will fall into place.

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