This Means War!

But for those who fear you, you have raised a banner to be unfurled against the bow. Psalm 60:4

When soldiers went into battle, commanders rallied the troops by raising a banner. It directed soldiers where to go, where to stand, and when to march. Outside the battle field, a banner was raised among the tribes when something significant was going to happen (Isaiah 11:10-12 regarding the boy David, and Jeremiah 50:2 announcement of Babylon’s downfall).

The banner was symbolic of unified strength and power. So when David wrote this, he knew that it would be encouraging to those who feared the Lord. In essence, he said, “they have mere bows and arrows, but we have the strength and power of God Almighty on our side.”

As we all know, greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). However, it doesn’t mean that we will never see the arrows the enemy sends our way. The converse is also true: if you’re seeing a lot of spiritual attacks, you’re probably doing something that matters and is meaningful.

He has indeed raised a banner that will be unfurled against the bow!

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