Under the Pressure Cooker Every Day

not given to drunkenness, Titus 1:7d

This is a verse that, depending on where you live, changes scope. Some would argue that this verse argues against alcoholic beverages completely, while someone else might see it as encouraging pastors to drink, just not too much. I don’t think it encourages drink but it certainly doesn’t forbid alcohol. What it does, though, is lays parameters. God knows the human heart. He knows what we struggle with and what we’re given to excess. Alcohol is one of those things. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 tells us to “avoid the appearance of evil.” Getting drunk as a pastor certainly raises all kinds of eyebrows. Very few inside and outside the church would respect a pastor who does that. The pressures these men of God face are enormous. They have to weigh every action they take against what could be perceived as being really wrong. Of course it’s an unfair burden to place on pastors, but it’s hard to change.

Pray for your pastor today. Understand the pressures he’s under every day. Pray that he will successfully offload those burdens into the lap of Jesus. That’s the only way he could possibly bear the burdens.

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