Cry Aloud for Understanding

And if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, Proverbs 2:3

Life isn’t easy and it often throws us some nasty curves. We cry out to God for some kind of understanding, some sane reason for the way things happen. I write this in the wake of an earthquake that just hammered Haiti. Thousands of people were displaced; the death toll is still rising as more bodies are found under the rubble of a decimated region.

Within hours of the earthquake many were asking online where God was when all of this took place. Why did it have to happen at all? If He is all powerful, can’t He control the elements and the natural disasters?

Unfortunately, I don’t have answers to those questions. I don’t.

I, like you, ask the same questions and I often call out to God for understanding as the writer of Proverbs suggests. It’s perfectly okay to cry out like this, to cry aloud for meaning in this crazy world.

Still, there is wisdom in our crying out to God. For one thing, it’s a natural thing for us to do because we don’t have all the answers. We may never ever get the answers to those questions but we still need to ask and ask and ask.

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