Good Luck?!

Good Luck?!

60 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her,

“Our sister, may you increase
to thousands upon thousands;
may your offspring possess
the cities of their enemies.” Genesis 24:60

It’s possible that Laban and Bethuel didn’t know who Abraham was and what he was promised. If they didn’t, then this is prophetic even though I’m certain it was a common blessing for women of child bearing age. It was their parting gift to her. If you think about it, a blessing is not a trivial gift. It’s certainly more valuable than a knick-knack that will just collect dust.

As a society we’ve lost the art of blessing others, which is unfortunate.

I recall a story evangelist Luis Palau told about living in Southern California. Every morning he’d hear parents calling out to their kids, “Good luck today.”

His response was, “Good Luck? Good Luck? Are you kidding me? We have the privilege of sending our kids off with the blessing of God and to pray with them before they leave the house that God will go with them and bless their studies and relationships.”

Similarly, we can easily send others away with a blessing too. Bless others and let them know you’re blessing them. It’s much more exciting and worthwhile than wishing them good luck.

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