A Bubbling Brook

The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters, but the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook. Proverbs 18:4

If you’ve been reading this any length of time, I strongly advocate finding someone who is wise to be a mentor. You will know them by their wisdom. They won’t be flashy or dramatic but they will be wise. And when you do find this person, latch onto them. The second half of the verse is so very true. You will just want to hang onto that person’s every word; the wisdom will flow and you will want to experience it all. The wisdom they have did not come easy, often because they went to the School of Hard Knocks to earn it. Some of us are still in that school and will be for some time.

Years later you, though, after you have soaked up significant amount of wisdom, you will be that person that people will want to come to for wisdom.

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