A Daily Pursuit

20 True, he struck the rock, and water gushed out, streams flowed abundantly, but can he also give us bread? Can he supply meat for his people?” Psalm 78:20

It’s amusing to see how the Israelites argued against trusting God.

Water from a rock is miraculous no matter how you look at it. Gushing water does not come out of a rock natively. It’s not natural, and never has been. Water gushes over, under, and around rocks but not from within the rock itself. It is a totally miraculous event. So why, then, did they not trust Him for other basic essentials such as bread and meat?

Perhaps – just perhaps they weren’t doing what they needed to do daily to keep their focus on God. I’m not sure what that would have looked like back then, but it’s a little easier to see what it would look like now: Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship are just three activities that come to mind. If you are only doing those occasionally, then it becomes that much more difficult to trust when the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

What it boils down to is this: the faith journey we’re on is a daily pursuit of Christ. When we do that, having faith for the bigger things is the next “logical” step for us.

I’ve known both experiences, and much prefer the daily pursuit over a weekly or monthly pursuit.

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