A ‘Golden’ Opportunity

I’ve invited Maria Morgan to share again. I will return to the Book of Kings following this.

Maria I. Morgan is a freelance writer specializing in Christian devotionals and articles. Her devotionals are posted on her Life Lessons blog at www.mariaimorgan.blogspot.com. She resides in Georgia with her husband, daughter, cat, and two retrievers. She can be reached at morgan.maria.i@gmail.com.

It all happened so quickly. I certainly didn’t see it coming. I was knocked off my feet and hit the pavement, all in the matter of a few seconds. We walk our dogs just about every morning. It was a beautiful day. I had put our Golden Retriever, Precious, on her leash and we headed down toward the end of the driveway to wait for my husband, Steve, and Joe, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Joe came charging around the house. He ran at full speed to greet us. Unfortunately, he ran right into Precious’ leash and I was catapulted onto the rough cement of the driveway. Thoroughly stunned, I slowly stood to my feet and grabbed my right elbow. Instinctively, I had broken the impact of the fall by putting my hands out in front of me. Even so, my right elbow had managed to take a pretty hard hit.

My husband was afraid I may have broken my elbow, which by now was swelling and bleeding from some minor abrasions. I stumbled into the house to get an ice pack from the freezer. Although it hurt, I was still able to move my arm; so with ice pack in hand, I told my husband to go ahead without me. I was surprised to hear the door open just a few minutes later. Steve told me that he had tried to walk the dogs, but that Precious would only walk a few feet before she’d stop, and turn around to look back toward the house. After trying to coax her forward a few times to no avail, he brought both dogs back home.

I imagine that’s one reason they’re called, ‘man’s best friend.’ How sweet to think that my puppy was so concerned about me that she was no longer interested in taking a long-awaited walk. It certainly gave me food for thought. How often have I listened to the prayer request of a troubled friend, brought the petition before the Lord once, and then forgotten all about my friend’s need? Am I really concerned about what burdens my friend? Or am I more focused on my needs? It’s so much easier to rejoice with friends who are rejoicing, than to fulfill the second half of Romans 12:15, to “weep with them that weep.” (KJV)

The Bible is replete with countless examples of Christ’s prayer life. Since He was so often surrounded by people, He made it a practice to get away by Himself to spend time with His Father in prayer. Matthew 14:23 reveals, “And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.” (KJV) The book of Mark puts it this way, “And when he had sent them away, he departed into a mountain to pray.” (Mark 6:46, KJV) He was so burdened for mankind, that the book of Luke says, “And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.” (Luke 6:12, KJV) What a passion for people! What a model for us to follow. I’m reminded today of the power of prayer and the Almighty God who answers it. Will you be faithful to intercede on the behalf of others until God answers? Be sure to stop and praise Him when He does!

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