A Hard Life

Good understanding wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard. Proverbs 13:15

In contrast to yesterday’s devotional on blessings, it will not go easy for those who do not trust in Christ. Look at someone who has been fighting God all their lives, they become bitter and angry. They view hard times in their lives very differently than you or I do. They may even shake a fist at God when they’re deep into trouble.

We all go through tough times, but those who don’t believe in God have a hard time seeing through their own pain and sorrow to see the hidden blessings. Granted, most of us don’t kick up our heels at tough times, but we gradually come to an understanding that God is God and can and will do whatever He wants when He wants to whomever He wants. Does that make the tough times easier? Perhaps, but the alternative is a bitter and hard life.

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