A Light in the Midst of Great Darkness

17 “Here I will make a horn grow for David
and set up a lamp for my anointed one.
18 I will clothe his enemies with shame,
but his head will be adorned with a radiant crown.” Psalm 132:17-18

Throughout David’s life, he was a prosperous and blessed man. Also through the years Israel has prospered despite being in darkness for many years.

Today Israel is clearly a light in the midst of great darkness. There are not many prosperous nations in that part of the world, and Israel – despite its tiny size – stands head and shoulders above others in that region. Most of them have the same terrain, climate, and natural resources, but God blessed Israel.

Some could point to the entire Middle East with their vast reserves of oil, but that seems to be all they have. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of industry not related to oil that has sprung up in that part of the world. Well, hatred towards Israel and the West is a large enough “industry” but nothing that puts bread on the table and food in the bellies.

We in the West continue to enjoy blessings from God, in my opinion, because of our support of Israel. If we ever stop that support, “all bets are off” for us as a nation.

Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, “May those who love you be secure.” Psalm 122:6

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