A Little Louder Please

8 But you, Lord, are forever exalted. Psalm 92:8

While touring with the Men’s Glee Club along the West Coast, we would occasionally sing an “a capella” song, a song sung without piano or musical instruments. In order to get the starting note, someone would sound a note from a small pitch pipe. The time interval between the pitch being played and us starting to sing was about 4 seconds.

In one small church, the pitch was blown and before we began singing, a voice rang out in the back from a hard-of-hearing elderly lady, “A little louder please!” She had no idea what we were doing up front, but to her we weren’t loud enough.

Currently there are millions of saints assembled around the Throne of God worshipping. As people exit this life and enter eternity the number of people around the throne grows. Can God tell the difference between 1.2 billion people worshipping Him and 1.2 billion plus you? Absolutely.

But this chorus is growing day by day. Some have even suggested that the praise we give down here makes it up to the throne room as well and is combined with the worship of the saints already there. Who knows?

We do know this: the Lord God Almighty will be exalted forever and ever and ever and ever. I’ve checked on my calendar for eternity, and there is no end to forever.

With that knowledge, have a great day!

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