A Numbers Game

When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. Proverbs 10:19

Because I am quiet and often shy before you get to know me, I don’t have a problem with keeping my words to a few. It’s only when you get to know me that my words get me into hot water at times. Those who are more talkative hate verses like this because the more you talk, the more chances of you saying foolish things. It’s, as they say, a numbers game.

But God is gracious and realizes that we can’t help ourselves sometimes and He forgives. And next time you hold your tongue, BRAVO!, but refrain from telling others that you held your tongue. Others will probably notice instead.

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  1. Patrice

    This is really so true! I am presently on a committee at church. One meeting was absolutely horrible. There was yelling and the overall tone was not good. When I brought it to the attention of members, it was suggested that it was about “feelings”. Then, I stated that it was more about portraying the Christian spirit and having overall respect for one another. Disagreeing does not mean you have to scream and use unkind words. That is a good way to diminish the members on a committee. I am still in prayer over this. A little thought before speaking helps. Words are powerful!

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