A Word to Judges

1 God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the “gods”: Psalm 82:1

Psalm 82 is directed towards judges.

Years ago when my wife and I lived in the Virginia Beach area, one of the elders of the church was a District Court judge. When we were first met we had no idea who he was or what he did but when told us he was a judge, my wife asked, “So what’s that like?” His answer was simple and direct, “It’s like being back in kindergarten.” Then he proceeded to tell us about being a intermediary between different individuals. It takes a lot of wisdom to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

Just in case you were wondering, God is looking out over the courts and systems of this world. He’s clearly into justice, and absolutely hates corruption. Attorneys, defendants, prosecutors, and judges who think they are okay with perverting justice will be in for a big surprise. Nothing has ever escaped His watchful eyes.

Pray for people you know in the legal system. They have interesting challenges.

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