Above Reproach

2 Now the overseer is to be above reproach, 1 Timothy 3:2a

Recently Billy Graham passed away. He took steps early in his ministry that would keep him from being caught in compromising situations or situations that just looked odd from the outside. He never traveled alone, was never in an elevator alone, and didn’t stay in a hotel room alone. By today’s standards, it’s extreme. You can say many thing about Billy Graham, but he was above reproach with the opposite sex.

The point is that when pastors live in the community, rumors and innuendo spread like wildfire. They may not even be guilty of anything remotely sinful but if they’re seen doing something that causes a stir, their reputations can be tarnished quickly.

Today pray for your pastor. Pray that he will constantly be reminded to be above reproach (I’m sure he’s very aware of the things he does and how it looks). Pray that they’ll take measures to ensure they keep that standard.

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