patient in affliction. . .Romans 12:12b

When I publish this devotional online, I really have no idea how far it extends or how it affects others. Some reading this know what true affliction is. You are going through it even now. Your life may have been ruined by the affliction. You know intimately what pain and suffering is.

I am speaking to you.

You want to give up because of the pain.
You want to just surrender because you want the pain to go away.
You are feeling lonely and dejected, discouraged and depressed.

It would be extremely easy to give up and surrender. In fact, you may have even known others who did just that, and their pain is no more.

Just know this. . .

You are loved, my friend. There are thousands of people praying for you, cheering you on. You may not know their names and you may never meet them on this side of heaven, but they are there, interceding on your behalf. Some are even weeping for your situation because all of your tears have dried up.

And perhaps more important, you are loved by God Almighty. He knows you are suffering. He knows your pain. Only He can give you strength to endure.

If you’ve cried out to him a thousand times, He has heard. Cry out again. Your suffering is not in vain.

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