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And Justice for All

You say, “I choose the appointed time;
it is I who judge with equity. Psalm 75:2

When God says He judges with equity, you can believe that to be true. In fact, perfect Justice for all is one of God’s attributes. That’s not a characteristic we should take lightly. Because we don’t see perfect justice in our court system – or in any court system in the world for that matter – it’s easy to think there’s no such thing as perfect justice.

Even the most perfect of judges today is limited. They mete out justice as they understand the law. Forget about the corrupt judges, which are becoming more prevalent; they are hopelessly flawed and dishonest.

But the Perfect Judge – in His appointed time – will mete out perfect justice for all.

No exceptions.
No bribes.
No coercion.
No quid pro quo.
Nothing being exchanged for a favorable verdict.
Nothing remotely dishonest in His rulings.

We will all sit back and be amazed at how perfect that justice is.

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