Let your face shine on your servant;
save me in your unfailing love. Psalm 31:16

You’ve never met Art, and yet there’s a dozen people just like Art in your life: quiet, unassuming, never making waves, unnoticed.

As we drove home from a singing engagement last night, Art mentioned almost in passing that his wife had passed away three weeks ago. He and his wife had been married 54 years. He spoke of the incredible loneliness he had after that time. He is still a very lonely man.

To those of us in the car it was like a bomb had been dropped. No one knew. We knew his wife had been ill but that was the extent of it. I found out more about Art in that 20 minute ride home than all the years I’ve known him.

Thing is, each of us know someone like this. They’re not flashy so they are easily overlooked and sometimes ignored.

Had we known what had happened, we would have come alongside him, so the obvious questions I ask is this: why didn’t we know? Why didn’t we even ask Art the most basic questions such as:

  • How’s your wife?
  • How’s your health?
  • How’s your family?
  • How can I pray for you?

I would like to pray this verse over the Arts in our life.

Lord Jesus, Art and those like him are hurting. They’re lonely and even confused. Would you shine your face on these people? Would you give them peace in their sorrow and grief? Help us to know how to help them. Keep us attentive to recognize other Arts in the world, the hurting but silent individuals that we could easily overlook. Amen.

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