Be Not Still

O God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, O God, be not still. Psalm 83:1

Have you ever wanted to grab God by the collar and shout to Him about the major problems that you see around you? I’m not talking about the fender bender you get in or the coffee you spill on your blouse. I’m referring to the major injustices you see around you: child abuse, rape, murder, abject poverty, general lawlessness. Of course we’ve seen it and wanted God to act NOW! It just doesn’t seem fair or right. If you’ve ever thought this, you’re correct. It isn’t right! It wasn’t God’s original intention for those things to happen. So why doesn’t God just step in and take out the evil-doers?

That’s the question that philosophers, theologians, and “normal” people have been asking for centuries. God certainly could do it that way, but He doesn’t. He is often silent, and we’re not always privy to the reasons. We seek and discover. We don’t always find the answer we want or the answers we’re searching for but there is value in asking the questions.

And yet, we know that one day those wrongs will be “righted,” those hurts will be perfectly healed, those injustices will be judged rightly. When His justice comes, it will be swift, fair, and perfect.

In other words, God may be silent at times, but He’s not blind.

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