Blessings on Mountains and Hills

3 May the mountains bring prosperity to the people, the hills the fruit of righteousness. Psalm 72:3

After praying for his son King Solomon, David began to pray for the people. Typically rulers have cared very little about the people they rule over. Of course with generalizations like this there are exceptions. Often rulers do what it takes to keep them in power, and if it means sacrificing a bit on behalf of the people to make it appear that they are kind and benevolent, then they’ll do that. I don’t think this is David’s motive though. He loved Israel and all it stood for in his world.

David’s prayer is for prosperity to come out of barren places, namely hills and mountains. What’s interesting is this prayer has been answered in big ways. For such a tiny nation, modern day Israel has some of the most productive people and land in the world. God has surely answered David’s prayer.

What impossible thing (in your mind) have you prayed for recently? The Lord loves to hear His children pray and to confound the world with His blessings.

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