Bright Minds and Corrupt Natures

7 In the council of the holy ones God is greatly feared; he is more awesome than all who surround him. Psalm 89:7

This verse is still referencing heaven and its inhabitants. If you combine the intellect and wisdom of all those who have a place in heaven, you would not begin to touch the intellect and wisdom of God almighty.

I used to think that all the brightest minds in the world would certainly be able to solve the world’s major problems. What I hadn’t considered, however, was the fall of man. Let’s say you wanted to do away with hunger in Southeast Asia. The food arrives in port thanks to the generosity of the more wealthy. President Lihn however hears of the container ships full of food and decides to slap a 20% tax on all incoming containers for the next month. The ship inspectors require their own tax of one full container from each ship. Customs was not aware of the shipment so they require the ships to remain at sea until they can investigate origin and destination. The crew members suspect they wanted a small cut of the ship’s payload but were not as bold as their compatriots in their request. Continuing with the story, after waiting 28 days on the seas for Customs to investigate origins and destination, it is determined that the food must be distributed immediately or it will spoil at sea.

The fall of man halted the shipment of food into a desperately poor country. The president wanted a cut. Inspectors wanted a cut. Customs patted themselves on the back for not allowing contraband into the country, while the food rotted. Unfortunately, these are the types of story that happen every day. Some of the bribery is not as obvious but it still exists.

My point is this: you may have the greatest mind in the world but when it goes up against human nature, you’re probably not going to win.

A second minor point I’d like to make is this: when the nations get together to conspire against God and His church, they never win in the long run. Oh, they may think they are doing the world a favor by persecuting Christians, but the Church grows even more because of it.

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