But Now I Can See

The Lord sets prisoners free,
8 the Lord gives sight to the blind,
the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down,
the Lord loves the righteous. Psalm 146:8

There’s a story in John 10 about the man born blind. Jesus put mud in his eyes and told him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. It’s an intriguing story (apart from the miracle of sight) because of the questions the Pharisees had for him. In this man’s case he was healed physically and most likely spiritually because you know he went and told whoever he could about what happened.

Often our spiritual sight is restored in dramatic fashion as well. At first you don’t know much about what happened except that you were once blind but now can see. You read the Bible with more clarity and discovery. You realize when you kneel to pray that interruptions come faster than the words our of your mouth to God. You surmise – and rightly so – that the evil one does not want you to concentrate on your prayers.

As we grow older in Christ, we forget those moments and what they meant to us. Our faith gets knocked around a bit and we begin to settle into the Christian walk.

Think back to those times. You wanted to tell everyone who would listen. You had a fervency and zeal. Christ had changed your life. You don’t know how or why or any of those specifics, but you knew and felt the change.

Rejoice, Brothers and Sisters, that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Rejoice that He’s considered you worthy of this great faith and life.

Rejoice that once you were blind, but now you can see.

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