Carry Them Forever

Save your people and bless your inheritance;
be their shepherd and carry them forever. Psalm 28:9

It’s such a simple prayer to end Psalm 28.

Since he himself was a shepherd, David knew the dangers that sheep faced. Sometimes the sheep would stray so far out of the shepherd’s care and into danger that he was forced to break the leg of the sheep so it could go no further. The shepherd would reset the leg and carry the sheep back to the fold. The shepherd would then nurse the sheep back, and the sheep, in turn, would need to stay close to his master.

Now as we read this verse it become a lot clearer what’s going on. Sometimes the Lord needs to take drastic measures to keep us from harm. While it might seem harsh and cruel at first (and even a long time after), we know ultimately that it is for our good.

You or someone you know is experiencing this chastisement right now. It’s not easy to witness from an outsider’s perspective. Pray that God would show Himself strong in their lives, and that they will draw closer to Him throughout and after it’s over. You may need to ask what you can do to lighten their load a bit.

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