Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished, but those who are righteous will go free. Proverbs 11:21

As Believers we recognize that Jesus paid the debt we couldn’t possibly pay. He took the sin upon Himself on the cross, the righteous for the unrighteous. We didn’t deserve it, but He did it anyhow. Our destination was once an eternity in Hell, we now enjoy fellowship with Jesus and entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are free, paid for in whole by the Blood of Christ. There was nothing we could do to earn that salvation, for, as the Scriptures tell us, our righteousness is like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6).

In our busyness we forget that sometimes.

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He Delights in You

The LORD detests men of perverse heart but he delights in those whose ways are blameless. Proverbs 11:20

As a Believer, do you realize that the Lord delights in you? Read that verse again, this time aloud.

If you realized this simple truth even for two minutes a day, how would it change your thinking and outlook?

  • How would your self-esteem improve?
  • How would your interactions with others change?
  • How would the image of yourself change?
  • How would your image of God the Father improve?

Is there any “downside” at all to committing to just two minutes a day just to meditate on this one truth?

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The Abundant Life

The truly righteous man attains life, but he who pursues evil goes to his death. Proverbs 11:19

Jesus said, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” John 10:10 (NKJV). I don’t think we truly understand the principle of an abundant life.

I strive and wrestle and try to come to grips with the things that life throws our way. I suspect we all do.

But the abundant life Jesus tells us about is much more than the wealth we see all around us; the abundant life is Jesus himself.

Memorize that verse. Let it sink in. Let it permeate your soul.

The abundant life is Jesus himself.

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Smoke and Ashes

The wicked man earns deceptive wages, but he who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward. Proverbs 11:18

We fall into traps of envying the wealthy. It’s a trap but we often don’t recognize it as such. We think and dream about all the good it can do, all the good causes we could support. But money burns up and what do you have left?

Nothing but smoke and ashes.

Shouldn’t that tell us something?

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An Easy Contrast

A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself. Proverbs 11:17

As discussed yesterday, guarding our hearts is so critical in maintaining a sweet spirit about us. We have to guard what goes in because if we continue to feed it with wrong and ungodly ideas, we will become cynical and ruthless.

In an age of “looking out for Number One,” it is the rare individual who is truly kind towards others. In fact, it’s not difficult at all to be a contrast to the world’s viewpoint.

But, it is essential that we guard our hearts.

Every day.

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