Wisdom is Raising Her Voice

Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares; Proverbs 1:20

I love the imagery here. It sets the stage for the next few verses. Thirty five years have passed sinced then, but I have visions of my mother calling out to me when it was time for supper. Rarely did she have to go far from the front door. But when she did, the voice got louder and louder, half because she was getting closer, half because she was getting upset for having to chase us down! THAT’s the image this is trying to portray, calling out intentionally to us. And if we listen carefully, we’ll save ourselves a lot of grief and heartache along the way.

Are you listening? What are you hearing? Over the next few weeks and months as we explore these nuggets of wisdom, we have to remember that it’s not just getting wisdom for wisdom’s sake. We get the wisdom so that we can be wise. We can be wise in our relationships; we can be wise in our finances; we can be wise in our motivations and emotions. So prepare your hearts and minds. We need to pray that we won’t just be hearers of the world, but doers.

Listen carefully for He wants to teach us.

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