The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us. Psalm 67:6

It’s interesting to ponder the question, “what would happen if God doesn’t bless us?” We could ask it for ourselves and for our nation. The United States is currently enjoying “divine favor” in the form of blessings. (Apologies to my friends around the world but I know know the United States). The U.S. has sent missionaries and finances to all corners of the globe; built hospitals, clinics, and educational facilities; fed the hungry; helped the widows and orphans; aided in hundreds of natural disasters around the world; and many other good works.

I would be dishonest, however, if I didn’t include a short list of dishonorable cultural and societal deeds that the U.S. has continued to embrace: in-your-face homosexuality, abortion, needless wars (not all wars are needless), political corruption, casual “hooking up”, and any number of other behaviors that are inconsistent with a nation that has been clearly blessed by God Almighty.

As the country continues to enjoy the freedom and privileges of a blessed nation, let us not forget that it is God Himself who builds up a nation and God who tears it down (Jeremiah 31:28).

As I stated earlier this week, we are blessed so that we can bless others. It’s very easy to forget when all you’ve ever known is freedom and blessing.

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