Celebrating Righteousness

They rejoice in your name all day long; they celebrate your righteousness. Psalm 89:16

I guess I’ve never considered righteousness as an attribute to celebrate. When we celebrate the righteousness of God it necessarily includes the mention of His goodness and faithfulness. Justice and judgement also come to the forefront. What would the world look like without these attributes in their purest form? Well, for one thing there would be a considerable amount of chaos that doesn’t already exist. When people live without fear of consequences to their actions, the bottom of a civil society drops out completely. You can actually see a small part of this where society has rejected God outright.

Look at two significant institutions: education and national defense. Both organizations are on a significant decline because of the stance they have taken to remove God from the public square.

As God is removed from society more and more, expect an increase in chaos and confusion and a sense of helplessness. God will not force His way into any society or individual.

We can then understand God’s righteous role in the world more clearly. He is the proverbial salt that preserves society.

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