Children of God

For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. Romans 8:14

There’s a modern thought that you and I and everyone else on earth is a child of God. It certainly sounds like it should be something we would all aspire to but according to this verse, it’s just not true.

But before we get all proud of our standing in Christ – which is significant – we really need the Spirit of God to be the controlling force in our lives. In other words, we need to be led by the Spirit of God.

  • We don’t need Hollywood or Nashville or Washington to tell us what to think and believe.
  • We don’t need our family and friends to give us our marching orders
  • We don’t need our employers to dictate to us our words and thoughts.

We need the Holy Spirit to guide us as if our life depends on it, because, quite frankly it does.


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