Chipping Away

She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. Proverbs 31:18

Great women know how to come out ahead at the end of the month. It may not come easy to her so she has to work at it, even if it means burning the midnight oil to do it. Most things are like that.

If you think about it, we’re never really good at anything when we first start out. Sure, we may have a propensity towards something but we don’t know much in the beginning. If it’s enjoyable to us, we’ll do what we need to do in order to learn the skill or trade.

Think about your own life. Is there something you are not good at but would like to be? Is there something you would like to learn but never really got around to it or had the money or had the time?

Lastly, is there any reason you’re not “chipping away” at it little by little right now? Ten or fifteen minutes a day for a full year and you could have a new skill under your belt.


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