Did You Root for Tom or Jerry?

There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: … hands that shed innocent blood… Proverbs 6:17

Back 20 years ago I was in the Air Force toward the very end of the Cold War. The Soviets were the enemies of those of us who love freedom. We played all the military games that two superpowers play. It was kind of like a cat and mouse game. Both cat and mouse never did anything terrible, but they loved to play games with each other. There was always the threat of a nuclear war but that would not solve anything for anyone. We knew the threat of nuclear war was possible but not really probable.

Today, though, the United States is engaged in two very messy wars in Central Asia. These are not cat and mouse games anymore but real wars with very real bad guys carrying very real weaponry. Sometimes our guys and gals (the Good Guys) are facing very very difficult split second decisions when they go into villages. Often the enemies hide behind innocent women and children, and in their places of worship. Our troops are trained to go from house to house and village to village and only “take out” the Bad Guys. The loss of civilian life has been greatly minimized, but still the soldiers have to deal with their actions after they’ve made them.

Pray for our troops. Pray that despite their nearly impossible task that they can make wise and quick decisions in a harsh environment. I know they are doing their utmost to protect the innocents, but even that is often blurred where they are.

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