Doin’ What You’re Doin’

13 Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure and have washed my hands in innocence. Psalm 73:13

Many reading this understand the loneliness of doing what’s right and not being rewarded for it. Of course you know it’s the right thing but “there sure are a lot of people getting away with a lot of bad things.”

Are they?

Well, we know the truth, don’t we? We know that our efforts are never in vain when we have the opportunity to do what’s right. But sometimes it just feels like we’re the only one doing what’s right.

I go back to the game of Ping Pong. If you get the ball over to your opponent’s side of the net, you will win 80% of the time. Why? Because 20% is where your opponent will err. You can resort to spins and curves and fancy shots, but if you get the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side, you’re going to win.

How does that relate?

Most of us lead rather unattractive lives. We go to work, take care of the kids, bring home a paycheck, go on our annual vacation, and the typical list goes on. It’s living. But if you decided to put a “spin” on what you do by reading all the glamor magazines to spice up your marriage a bit or wishing you were a participant in one of the reality shows (as two simple examples), it could lead to trouble. Why? Well, you might become dissatisfied because the man you woke up next to is showing signs of “wear and tear”, and is not at all like the men his age with sexy bodies in that article you just read.

Obviously these are merely examples of what could happen when you put more “spin” in your lives.

It’s okay to live obscure but contented lives. It’s okay to keep doing what you’ve been doing thus far that got you this far. You are normal. It’s okay not to be famous. It’s okay that you don’t have all the relational messes the elite have.

It’s okay to keep doin’ what you’ve been doin’. You will get noticed by the only One worth noticing.

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