5 But there they are, overwhelmed with dread,
where there was nothing to dread.
God scattered the bones of those who attacked you;
you put them to shame, for God despised them. Psalm 53:5

Have you ever truly dreaded doing something? We all have, whether it was a tough phone call to make, a big speech you carelessly planned six months ago and is now a week away, letting someone go at the office, getting up some mornings, and on and on. If you’re like me, you’ll put it off until the very last minute and then just get it over with.

The people David is referring to are the godless. I’ve often wondered what goes through their minds when they’re nearing death. Is it the dread David mentions? Had they wished they had done more for humanity? Even atheist W.C. Fields asked for a Bible on his deathbed just “to look for loopholes.” He knew where his life had taken him, and he knew that the Bible had some truth in it (or else he wouldn’t have even joked about it).

What is it you’re dreading today? What is the one thing you wish was off your plate right now?

Lay your burden down. Just lay it down at His feet.

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