The wicked will see and be vexed, they will gnash their teeth and waste away;
the longings of the wicked will come to nothing. Psalm 112:10

What do people outside the church want? More things? More money? Better relationships? Fame? Power?

Of course it’s a rhetorical question because what people really want is hard to define.

How will they know they’ve achieved what they wanted? After Michael Jordan earned a handful of NBA championships and all the money he could ever spend, what more does he want? He was at the top of his game in so many wants, so then what?

I think there’s an emptiness and loneliness at the top. At the end of each day, though, that person still must lay his/her head on a pillow to sleep. What then? What are their thoughts? More more more? Faster faster faster? Richer richer richer?

Yes, by definition there is an inherent loneliness at the top. After all, there really only is one “king of the hill”.

Dropped down to our level, though, those without Christ live for those things mentioned above, but they don’t really satisfy. That’s why people turn to addictive behaviors. They seek to hide their emptiness.

Perhaps you know someone like this.

Perhaps you are someone like this.

Cry out to God. Cry out to God on their behalf. Cry out to God. He knows the cure for their emptiness, for your emptiness.

Let Him fill that emptiness to the brim.

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  1. This is beautiful of the Testimony on how Jesus Christ is the only One who can fulfill our every need. God bless you as you serve The Lord!!!

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