Everyday Faith

9 to another faith by the same Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12:9

We all have faith in Christ. That’s a different faith than what Paul mentioned here.

Have you ever encountered someone who lives the phrase “walks by faith and not by sight?” We’ve seen these people and wonder where they got their faith because it’s different than what you and I have on a daily basis. It’s a supernatural faith that God will do something extraordinary in a church or in the life of some of His people. I doubt seriously it has to do with “believing God will raise $10 million dollars for this new church addition.” It’s much more than that.

Those who have this gift know they have it and use it cautiously. Why? Because clearly it can be abused and overused.

This, however, doesn’t negate our everyday faith, the faith to believe that God will intervene in our child’s life. The faith to believe God will provide us with a job. The faith the believe God will help heal a relationship or marriage. This is daily faith, often just as miraculous as healing or salvation. It’s the faith we all have right now.

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