faithful to his wife, 1 Timothy 3:2b

Lack of faithfulness is the one reason that many great pastors have fallen. It goes beyond the after-hours, casual relationship that ends up in adulterous affairs.

No, having affairs begins with the heart. If he is at all connected to the internet, he is connected to one of the greatest inventions of all time. Unfortunately, it is also one of the greatest streams of sewage ever invented as well: internet pornography.

Yes, it’s troubling, but yes it’s as pervasive as sand on a seashore. The temptations to just look a bit lead entirely down the wrong path. Many “strong” men of God have fallen through this one temptation.

So, if you would, pray. Pray for his eyes to be fixed on Jesus.

Pray that he also has one or two people holding him accountable, someone who is able to ask him some direct questions about his thoughts and surfing habits.

Pray also that, as Scriptures tell us, he will flee from those temptations when necessary.

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