Gawkers and Gazers Unite

He turned the sea into dry land, they passed through the waters on foot — come, let us rejoice in him. Psalm 66:6

Turning the sea in to dry land was a big thing. It didn’t just happen in a few seconds. It’s a lot of water to dry up. The children of Israel just stood by as both sides of the Red Sea formed big walls. Those who witnessed it firsthand must have been blown away! It’d be like being in a huge aquarium without the glass. Fish and creepy crawlers swimming around but not breaking through.

Not only did the walls go up, but the sea bed dried up. How long did it take before the Israelites could walk through it? No idea, but they did it. Even as the passed through it, they must have marveled at what they were seeing. I suspect it took them a lot longer to pass through than we imagine. Think of just the “gawkers” in the bunch. And they were probably all gazing all around at the miracle that was right beside them – literally. The Egyptians were hot on their trail, and the Israelites are just meandering through the Red Sea like it was a walk in the park. Did it happen like that? We don’t know. It certainly could have based on the curious nature of humans across all cultures.

When’s the last time you simply gawked and gazed at what you know was a miracle from God? While we don’t see miracles of this proportion every day, “lesser” miracles are all around us. I still go back to “changed lives” as being a miracle of God. Think of where you were when Christ found you, and where you are today. Miracle? Probably.

Worthy of gawking and gazing? Absolutely.

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